by Warren Bodow

Race Music is set in a metropolitan Midwestern city in 1999. Lebron Malek, a 26 year-old classical music lover, applies for a radio-announcing position at a classical music radio station but is rejected because he is black. Six characters of varying colors and ancestral origins, struggle to come to terms with the changing racial landscape of our country in pre-Obama 1999.

"With affirmative action being a ‘hot button' issue from the classroom to the boardroom, Race Music raises the question: how much has changed in American racial and social politics since 1999? The answer remains to be seen as we continue to hear real-life stories of racism and racial profiling six months after Obama's inauguration," said DCT's Artistic Director Victor Lirio.

He added: "The play takes a hard and nuanced look at prejudice, race relations, and social politics. It examines how racial stereotyping informs our opinions, stirs our emotions, and conflicts with our instinct to appear unbiased. However, the human experience is complex and deep. Race Music proves that despite our flaws as human beings, we can evolve."

CAST:  Brandon Jones, Chris Ceraso, Teresa Stephenson, Penelope Lowder, Kevin Kelleher

Directed by Victor Lirio