by Adam Rapp
directed by Victor Lirio

A finalist for the Pulitzer Prize for Drama, RED LIGHT WINTER is a two-act play by American playwright Adam Rapp. Escaping their lives in Manhattan, former college buddies Matt (Burman) and Davis (Sawyer) take off to the Netherlands and find themselves thrown into a bizarre love triangle with a beautiful young prostitute named Christina (Chaudhry). But the romance they find in Europe is eventually overshadowed by the truth they discover at home.

From Broadway Play Publishing: “Red Light Winter is a play of sexual intrigue that explores the myriad and misguided ways we seek to fill the empty spaces inside us.”

This production of RED LIGHT WINTER is presented by special arrangement with Broadway Play Publishing.

The Turbine Theatre, London

September - October 2021


James Burman, Tian Chaudhry, Freddy Sawyer

Designer: Carly Brownbridge

Lighting Designer: Joel Williams

Sound Designer: Oliver Wareham

Original Music: Fabian Obispo

Music Underscoring: Andy Jenks

Fight Director: Jonathan Waller

Intimacy Coordinator: Sara Green

Producer/Production Manager: Sara Mikulla

Production Stage Manager: Leila Glen

Assistant Stage Manager: Victoria Rose

Technical Director: Tom Codd

Production Photos: Craig Fuller Photography