"Victor Lirio (as Walker Harris) and Dawn Evans (as Ellen Van Oss) are both formidable as representatives of diametrically opposed views. But they make their characters human, too. Harris and Van Oss are never symbols, always very real people with doubts and regrets alongside their convictions."
- Paulanne Simmons,

"Victor Lirio is terrific as the opportunistic journalist (Walker Harris) who pushes Lainie to activism and emblazons her pain in headlines. In lesser hands, it could have turned out to be a cliched character, yet Lirio saves it through the sheer force of his charismatic personality. He and Warner mine the romantic undercurrents of the reporter/subject relationship without overplaying their hands. They have a strong connection, and you can feel it."

- Randy Gener,


"Victor Lirio brings charm and tenacity to the role of Anghel."
- Pete Boisvert,"


"Director Victor Lirio and Designer Carly Brownbridge have created a North of Providence that features splendid performances in both main roles and which packs a very considerable emotional punch." - Mike Whitton, StageTalk UK


"Strong ensemble work directed by Victor Lirio ... RACE MUSIC'S examination of race’s continued, if shifting, influence in America adds perspective to that national conversation that just doesn’t seem to end."
- Daniel M. Gold, New York Times Critic's Pick

"Directed by Victor Lirio with a tough mind and sensitivity ... Bodow's music reaches its crescendoing coda ... A POLISHED ENSEMBLE!" 

- Theatermania

"Under the unblinking direction of Victor Lirio, this drama explores how racism insidiously infiltrates our culture and contaminates our private and personal lives ... SOLID ACTING ENSEMBLE." 





- Audelco Award Nominations

"Under Victor Lirio’s lyrical direction, Gin Hammond manages to artfully show Zena’s conflict, and not just her artifice; Obie Award Winner Ron Cephas Jones, using Reuben’s past shame to motor his present determination, gives a performance of fierce honesty ... Deftly layering melodrama over a headier look at the invention of identity, NOON DAY SUN shines brightly."
- Aaron Riccio, Time Out New York Critic's Choice

(Featured on NBC's Saturday Morning Show)

"Seductive!"  - New York Times

"Victor Lirio sure-handedly directs this stark material …" 

- David Finkle, Theatermania

"I see at least 100 shows a year, but rarely do I walk out of the theatre feeling as uplifted as I did after seeing this provocative, beautifully acted play Monday night. It was the rare experience of seeing a production that is first rate in every way. NOON DAY SUN is theatre at its transforming best. Cassandra Medley’s play, under the insightful direction of Victor Lirio, is involving from start to finish. NOON DAY SUN gives human faces and human hearts to the issues of racism and the search for identity."
- Retta Blaney, Drama Desk Critic

"NOON DAY SUN SHINES A BRIGHT LIGHT!  Elegantly directed by Victor Lirio, all of the characters are richly detailed and three-dimensional ... one of this season's early great performances!"
- Scott Siegel, Desk Critic


Award-winning Playwright (Noon Day Sun, Cell, Coming Up for Air)

"From the very onset of meeting and working with Victor, his penetrating insight guided me in finding and shaping the nuances I sought to convey in my script. Victor was able to probe the play’s thematic intentions in such a gifted manner, and helped me realize themes of race, class, and ethnic identity that Noon Day Sun portrays. His perceptions about specific scenes, character moments, and transitions that warranted further exploration and revision all facilitated my polish of the final draft of the now published full-length play. Noon Day Sun was nominated for the prestigious August Wilson Audelco Award 2008 for Best Dramatic Production of the Year and Best Play, received critics choice recommendations from NBC Television and Time-out New York’s 'notable plays for the 2008 summer season.'

"Victor and I have continued to work on a variety of workshop projects, most recently, The Play Project residency at The Studios of the Key West in Florida. They invited us both to develop and present my most recent commission from the Alfred P. Sloan Science Foundation, Coming Up for Air, a play about climate change. Again, as a writer, I thrived on Victor’s laser-like ability to deftly break down and analyze the story construction, character dynamics, and subtextual layers of my script.

"Victor Lirio is one of the finest directors I have worked with in all of my twenty-five years of being produced in New York’s Off and Off-Off Broadway Theatre."


Award-winning Playwright; Producer, The Play Project; Professor of Dramatic Writing, NYU's Tisch School for the Arts

"Victor is one of the most imaginative, passionate theatre artists I know. His insights into characters, and into the human condition, are breathtaking. He works with dedication and integrity. He inspires everyone he works with. He is kind to all. The life he creates onstage is honest, richly dimensional and heartfelt.

"... When the actors arrived, Victor’s explorations intensified. His energy and enthusiasm were astounding. His intensity pulled everyone in. Nothing seemed more important than the wholehearted work we were doing. We poured our souls into Cassandra’s beautiful play. Victor’s inventive movement, lights and simple set made the characters and their journeys sing."